Customer Benefits

Why should you choose Armen Cargo Services? Only because we believe that our customers are the most important “cargo.” When you need your merchandise shipped internationally or domestically, Armen Cargo offers One Stop Shipping.

Our strength lies in our ability to handle all the complicated paperwork that is necessary for U.S. Customs and all other government agencies. With so many years of experience behind us, our team at Armen Cargo has become an expert at being a liaison between government agencies and our clients.

Once the paperwork hurdle is overcome, Armen can arrange to handle all of your freight – across the country or around the world. With agents in many of the major European, Far Eastern and South American ports of entry, we can assist you through the maze of foreign customs as well.

We also specialize in tailor-made products. We will customize a program to meet your needs and your budget. We’re big enough to get the job done to your specifications, yet small enough that you can have access to our President. How can many logistic firms promise that and deliver?

Armen Cargo offers:

International ocean and air freight,
Customs clearance,
Warehousing and distribution,
Local pickup and delivery,
In bond transportation and storage,
Cargo insurance,
Facilitate letters of credit,
Massive rigging and crane services,
Consistent quality, and;
24-hour emergency hotline.